7 ideas how to make money while traveling

Travel all year round or whenever you like – isn’t it a dream? But only those who have a solid financial cushion can make this dream come true, you probably think. Drop this skepticism! Well, what is it, Elon Musk was able to launch his rocket into space, and you doubt that you can earn money on a trip? Together with the online English school EnglishDom, we have collected 7 effective ideas for you on how to make money while traveling.


The obvious and perhaps the most common option among those who travel and work. To freelance, you need a laptop, fast Wi-Fi and, of course, your skills as a professional. Freelancing is usually a project work that does not imply a fixed schedule, which means you are free to work anywhere, anytime – even on a sun lounger by the ocean. It would seem ideal, but there are pitfalls in this business.

Firstly, freelancing and stability are not synonymous terms. It will take you some time to build a good portfolio and customer base, but that doesn’t guarantee a constant availability of orders. While you’re new to freelancing, it’s hard to expect high fees. English-speaking companies offer much higher wages. So, for example, if you are a copywriter, then on Russian-language text exchanges you will be offered payment from $ 1 to $ 7 per 1000 characters. On English-language exchanges, prices start at $ 10 per 1000 characters and above.

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Another disadvantage is the free schedule. “What is this minus?” – you might think, but the reality is that only people with well-established time management can successfully freelance. If you previously worked from 9 to 18 and switched to freelance, most likely you will be taken aback by the amount of free time and will feel a great temptation to “do everything in a couple of hours”. In fact, it often turns out that freelancing is not a couple of hours, but even more time than an 8-hour day.

Remote work

Everything is simple here – the same work as in the office, but remotely. If you are currently an office worker, you really like your job and it is possible to do it outside the office, it makes sense to talk to your boss about the possibility of remote work. If this option is not suitable, look for vacancies. According to research from review42.com, 55% of businesses around the world offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely.


This option compares favorably with freelancing in that you have a stable schedule and wages. The only caveat is the time difference. For those freelancing in Asia, this means plenty of free time in the morning and busy afternoons and evenings. For those in Europe, the difference is not significant, but most likely you will have to get up an hour or two earlier, but if you are somewhere in the USA, get ready to work at night.

What’s nice is that working remotely, you save at least 1.5-2 hours a day, because you don’t need to go to the office. The time saved can be spent usefully, for example, improve your English. Learn English online with EnglishDom and discover high-paying jobs in English-speaking companies. With the help of innovative technologies and experienced teachers, you can quickly improve your skills and improve your English.

Find a job locally

It is also an option! But be ready to find a job in your specialty, if you are in the country temporarily and on a bird’s rights – something from the category of fantasy. But finding a part-time job is quite real. Most vacancies are in tourism, real estate, restaurant business or teaching. In Asia, for example, English teachers are in great demand.

Make money on photos

If you have a camera or a smartphone with a high-quality camera, have the slightest ability to shoot and you often travel – the golden key is in your pocket. You have the opportunity to earn money, and even do a good job – to help us, editors, and all people who work with content. As you already understood, we tend to create content for photo stocks. Believe me, finding high-quality photos of some forgotten place with the rights to use it is worth a lot (in every sense). So register on one of the popular photobanks like Depositphotos or Shutterstock and go.


Rent a flat

Let your square footage work for you while you’re on the road. This is almost perfect passive income! The easiest way to accomplish this is by signing up for Airbnb. Keep in mind that to be on the safe side, you should enlist the support of relatives or friends, so that, if necessary, they can meet guests and help them with their problems. But, in general, many hosts on Airbnb practice contactless check-in, when you simply leave the keys in the agreed place and accompany the guest, communicating with him through the messenger.


In most cases, volunteering does not imply earnings, but covers your expenses for housing and food, and most importantly, it gives you the coolest opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the local environment and local life. In return for this, you have to work 4-5 hours a day, but what a job it is! You will tell your grandchildren about such an experience. Restoring an ancient castle somewhere in the vicinity of Rouen, working on a turtle farm in Indonesia, or caring for animals in a nature reserve in Ecuador are just a few of the activities that you can indulge in volunteering projects.

Where to look for such projects? If you live in a large city, you can contact a volunteer organization at your place of residence, or you can independently find a project on one of these sites:

  • wwoofinternational.org
  • helpx.net
  • idealist.org
  • aiesec.org
  • goabroad.com


Start making money as a blogger

If you know how to take cool photos on Instagram and you have a desire to share your travel experience, try to monetize your skills. Keep in mind that creating interesting and engaging content is not as easy as it seems and requires daily work. Read articles on how to boost your Instagram, create quality content, collaborate with other bloggers and, when you feel confident in your abilities, write to brands. You don’t need to have tens of thousands of subscribers: 10,000 live audiences are more valuable than 100,000 bots. Collaboration with bloggers is one of the main trends in digital marketing in recent years, and brands are ready to pay generously for an audience on social networks. Go for it!

Have you noticed what all these ideas have in common? The fact that almost everywhere you will need English: to communicate with guests on Airbnb, deal with a photo stock, find a job in a temporary residence and apply for higher-paying projects and work with global brands.

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