6 new flights to Italy from Ukraine!

Since September 2017, an Italian low-cost airline has entered Ukraine.

Tatiana Romanovskaya, director of Lviv airport, announced that the Italian low-cost airline Ernest Airlines is entering Ukraine. According to preliminary data, Ernest Airlines plans to launch 6 flights to Italy from Lviv.

The route from Lviv to Milan will be launched in September, flights from Lviv to Naples and Venice will start in December. And next summer it is planned to start flights from Lviv in three more directions – to Verona, Parma and Sardinia.

On September 22, the first flight Lviv-Milan starts, flights will be operated on Fridays and Sundays.

The headquarters of the low-cost airline Ernest Airlines is located in Milan, the airline serves Italy and Albania, and the base airport is located in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

We also remind you that a terminal for low-cost airlines will be built in Gostomel and we hope that this is not the last news in the field of low-cost flights from Ukraine.

Also, now there is a very good option for a flight from Kiev to Milan + Lake Como – only 113 euros in both directions for a direct flight.


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