-50% taxi fare and free baggage wrapping: 9 reasons to open a Visa card for travel

Going on a trip abroad? Travel with a premium Visa card! This is very beneficial and now we will explain why.

Why travel with a Visa premium card?

Visa has renewed and expanded the benefits and opportunities for premium customers at Boryspil International Airport. For example, there is a discount for parking in front of Terminal D, and the Fast Track service has become simpler, faster and more comfortable.

  1. You can take a Bolt taxi to the airport and back or leave your car in the parking lot with a 50% discount (the maximum discount is UAH 200).
  2. You can take a Covid-19 test for free before departure and upon arrival in a location convenient for you.
  3. At the airport they will pack your suitcase for free.
  4. At the information desk you will be given a certificate for 500 UAH for the airport restaurants – Ararat, Spirito di Italiano, Gourmet.
  5. You can visit any of the more than 1,300 lounge zones around the world, including Boryspil, Zhulyany, Kharkov and Lviv.

    1. Thanks to the updated Fast Track service, a new, separate corridor has been opened for Visa premium clients. It allows you to use the service of accelerated passage of aviation security and verification of documents, as well as at the information desk, airport employees will help you check in for the flight and drop off your luggage (The service is available only for Visa Signature, Visa Infinite holders).
    2. Hot news! Fast Track for premium Visa clients is now in Istanbul. Go through airport formalities faster at the new Istanbul Airport (IST) in Turkey. Service – for Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cards issued by any bank in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The service is available through the VisaUkraine chatbot, in the Travel menu you need to click the Fast Track in Istanbul button and get a QR code with access.
    3. You will receive extended insurance for yourself and your family members (spouses and children – up to 7 people in total) with an insurance limit of up to $ 2.5 million, compensation for flight delays or lost luggage. And also – insurance in case of injury in more than 50 active sports.
    4. You will receive up to 35% discount on car rental with Avis service. And also up to 12% discount when booking hotels on the Agoda website.

    How does Fast Track service work?

    Fast Track is an updated corridor for accelerated passenger service at Terminal D of Boryspil International Airport.

    If you have carry-on baggage and you have already checked in for the flight, you need:

    • Find a bright new Fast Track sign in the aviation security zone;
    • attach a premium Visa card to the validator at the turnstile;
    • go to the area of ​​the accelerated verification of documents.

    If you are you are traveling with luggage and you need to check in:

    • go to the information desk on the 3rd level of terminal D, opposite the escalator;
    • validate your premium Visa card, after which the airport employee will help you check in for the flight and drop your luggage faster;
    • go to the aviation control, validate the card and head to the fast-track document check area.

    If you arrived on an international flight, you just need to find a bright Fast Track sign and validate your Visa card at the turnstile. All you need is to attach the card to the validator and voila – you can go through.

    All of the above travel benefits are available under several conditions *:

    1. You are the owner of a premium Visa card: (please note that the updated Fast Track is now available only for Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cards).
    2. The level of your expenses must be above the established minimum:
    • Visa Platinum – 5,000 UAH / month;
    • Visa Signature – UAH 10,000 / month;
    • Visa Infinite – UAH 20,000 / month

    * Special rules and restrictions apply depending on the type of card. More details on the website visa.com.ua

    Find out more about how to get a premium Visa card and where to get it on the website visa.com.ua


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