5 ways to become your own abroad

Few of us manage to travel so often that during the next trip we do not feel a little jittery and some embarrassment. Here are some simple tips to help you better adapt in a foreign country.

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Don’t walk the well-trodden paths

We understand perfectly well that after the shock of working days, most of all we do not want to strain and think. And many people really google “Rest in Turkey” on a whim and are content with little.

The point is to spend a little more time and imagination to find the perfect place and not share it with the crowds of tourists. Expand your horizons and look for an alternative to standard tours.

Explore the culture

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Even at the planning stage of your trip, you should do real research on your destination. We think you will be very surprised if you dig a little deeper than the standard guidebooks. For example, when traveling to Singapore, forget about chewing gum – they are prohibited here, English speakers are disliked in Paris, and in London you can get a huge fine if you ride a bike on the footpath.

We don’t think it’s worth mentioning respect for religious traditions. Remember that you are still a guest in a foreign territory, but if you know and accept local traditions, you will favorably differ from standard tourists.

Learn key phrases

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The locals’ favor can be earned simply by babbling a few standard phrases in their language. After these magic words, even if uttered clumsily, you can safely switch to universal English – the heart of the “aborigines” will be melted.

And be prepared for the fact that in some (and in very many!) Places you may not know English, therefore it is better not to go there without a phrasebook – you will have to express yourself exclusively in sign language.


get lost in a strange city
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If you come with a tourist group, don’t be attached to them like a loyal puppy. Break away from the standard excursion, plan your route through those thematic places that are of interest to you.

Moreover, do not be afraid to go astray and get lost in an unfamiliar city. It’s not scary, it’s terribly fun. Taking into account modern navigation methods, you will not be able to truly get lost, but you will succeed in feeling the pulse of life.

Chat with local

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To feel at home in a foreign country, you need to merge with the environment as much as possible. If possible, live with a family, eat national dishes in establishments where locals usually hang out, use public transport – it always carries a flavor.

The closer you touch the real life of the city, the freer you will feel. And with the experience gained, you will have an amazing feeling that borders do not exist, and you are a citizen of the world.

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