5 things you will definitely need in exotic countries

When traveling to distant lands, pay special attention to the contents of your suitcase. tripmydream compiled a memo to the traveler.


1. Money

Even if you have forgotten half of your suitcase, money can easily help you solve many problems. What is the best way to keep capital?

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– Bank cards, and several. Before traveling, it is better to notify the bank that you are going abroad, otherwise there is a risk that the security service of your financial institution will suspect the theft of the card and block it. In addition, you need to clarify whether you can use the card in this country.

– If it is not difficult to find an ATM in Europe, in exotic countries the use of the card may be limited to a hotel and a few large stores. Bring cash dollars or euros with you. In most countries it is better to have small banknotes, although in Southeast Asia it is the opposite: the larger the banknote, the better the exchange rate for local money. You need to immediately clarify about the commission.


Money should not be kept all together; it is better to spread it out in small “portions” in different places.

2. Documents

The most important document, of course, is the passport. It is worth making a copy of it, always with the visa page. The original can be left in the hotel safe and go sightseeing with copies. It is better to leave your hotel voucher and electronic plane tickets in the safe.

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You should carry medical insurance, driver’s license, as well as international student cards, by type ISIC, or professional credentials (for example, a journalist or museum worker).

3. Medicines

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– “Travelers’ diarrhea” American experts call an upset of the intestines, which occurs in exotic countries in half of tourists. You must have a remedy for intestinal upset with you. For example, activated carbon.

– Antihistamines. In exotic countries, the organism of a European can give an allergic reaction to plants, spices and even fruits, be prepared for this.

– The body can respond to a change in climate and time zones with a headache. You must have pain relievers with you.

– Soluble tablets that neutralize the action of harmful bacteria. Several sachets for preparing saline solutions that will keep the body from dehydration.

– Water bottle with built-in filter. In Africa, Asia, India and Latin America, you shouldn’t risk your health and drink tap water.

– Remedies for motion sickness, for example, “Avia-Sea”.

– Bandages, adhesive plaster, hydrogen peroxide and iodine, which is better to take on a trip in the form of a pencil. Even minor cuts or wounds are dangerous in the tropics.

Advice: Of course, in exotic countries there are also pharmacies, but the names may not coincide with ours, and the prices for drugs are radically different from the usual ones (although possibly downward, for example, in Thailand). In addition, in many countries, medicines are dispensed exclusively by prescription.

4. Hygiene products and cosmetics

In tropical countries the sun is very active, therefore it is necessary to use sunscreen with a high degree of protection (SPF 20 or SPF 30). You can get a burn even in the shade and in cloudy weather. It is worth taking with you a cream after sunburn, as well as from sunburn, for example, “Panthenol” or “Rescuer”.

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In exotic countries, there are many insects that carry infectious diseases (for example, malaria). It is necessary to have with you all types of repellents: creams, aerosols, plates, spirals, gel. Many hotels have mosquito nets, but you’re not planning on spending your vacation in your room, are you?

Advice: Sunglasses like High protection

5. Clothes

You should be especially careful in choosing clothes in Muslim countries. It is better not to walk outside the hotel with bare hands and in a short skirt or shorts. Long skirts and trouser skirts should be preferred. You should also take into account the dress code of the hotel, otherwise you may simply not be allowed there.


For traveling to African countries, it is worth buying safari-style clothes in pastel shades. Bright colors attract the sun’s rays and attract the attention of wild animals.

Advice: Even on a trip to an exotic country, it is worth taking some warm clothes with you. Air conditioning is often turned on too much on planes and buses.

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