5 Russo Turisto principles to forget about in the UAE

It seems to many that the purchase of a new swimsuit and tanning products, a full charge of the battery in the camera and a carefully thought-out farewell status on the social network may well be considered a thorough preparation for the long-awaited vacation in warm regions. However, a trip to some countries, including the United Arab Emirates, also requires a thorough study of the “materiel”.

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Ignorance of some strict rules for residents and guests of this Muslim country can significantly reduce the time of your vacation in it – for some violations, immediate deportation threatens.

It is possible and essential to continue it in a place with free breakfasts and the same cheeky (most likely Russian-speaking) neighbors, because for things that are completely innocent for our person, they are punished here with a real prison term.

So, what travel habits are better to leave at home so as not to fall for the bait of cultural differences, going to the Emirates:

ban on alcohol in the Emirates

1. “For arrival”, “On horseback”, “On the road”, “One more, and then – to the beach”

It’s no secret that in the head of our person a good rest is firmly fixed in an indestructible tandem with a fair amount of alcohol. Of course, in UAE They respect and love their tourist, therefore, on the territory of the hotel – drink, dear guests, regardless of religious holidays and time of day.

But here everything is very subtle with this. I mean, there is a fine line between the free bar of your luxury hotel and the desire to then go to town in search of fun adventures. This search will inevitably lead you to one of the local police officers.

By the way, they often walk here without a uniform, so from afar you may not even notice. The traffic police will also be very unhappy if they see a drunk driver behind the wheel. There is a hefty fine for this.

So, remember: you can – in cafes, restaurants and in your own room. You can’t – in all other places. In strict Sharjah, “no” is everywhere: alcohol is, in principle, prohibited here. By the way, it is better to stock up on Duty Free alcoholic souvenirs so revered in our country for your friends at home. Here, not only will they not understand and appreciate the breadth of the gesture – they may even consider it a deepest insult.

bans in Dubai
Asim bharwani

2. “Lyuba, take a picture, like I’m holding a mosque”

Upon arrival in the UAE, it is best to leave aside your passion for endless travel photography in front of everything. Yes, Instagram will be criminally empty, but you will save yourself from unnecessary trouble. Moreover, it will be quite difficult to compose a decent composition here, because of which you will not have to pay a fine. First of all, praying people should not fall into not only your lens, but preferably in the field of view. It is extremely indecent to consider them during a sacred ordinance.

And in general, there is tension with people in the frame. Women should not be photographed under any pretext, and men who may accidentally appear in your picture should definitely ask permission, otherwise – a complaint, the police, a fine or prison (3 days imprisonment for a woman accidentally filmed), everything is as usual.

In addition, neither by chance nor intentionally, there should be no municipal buildings, palaces of sheikhs, or even more military objects on your vacation pictures – for this you face charges of espionage.

bans in Dubai

3. Holiday romances

If it seems to you that the temptation to spin a resort romance on vacation is incredibly difficult to refuse, go to the Emirates. Here you will definitely not succeed, at least without bitter consequences.

As it has probably already become clear, women are generally treated with a special, very attentive attitude. Talking to Muslim women on the street is strictly forbidden, and you should also not ask men about their wives – here it is considered offensive.

Even if by some miracle you manage to bring your woman (not your wife) here, do not flatter yourself – most likely, you will not be able to be alone. The frank expression of feelings and lust in public is, of course, not welcome here. Moreover, some hotels don’t even accommodate unmarried couples in the same room.

UAE bans
Jean-Baptiste Fort

4. “It’s not far here – you can wear a swimsuit too”

Probably, you have already guessed what the Emirati response will be to your, perhaps quite understandable, desire not to burden yourself with unnecessary wardrobe items – “you can’t”. Going out into the city, both women and men should devote a couple of minutes to choosing a toilet.

Open, defiant, transparent clothing is perceived by Arabs as offensive and can entail not only public censure and fines, but also a small excursion into the school past when you are sent to the hotel to change.

It is possible to appear in bathing suits only on the beaches, while for the absence of one of the swimsuit parts since 2005, you face up to 7 months in prison.

They will not understand your desire to walk in your favorite sweatpants – sports outfits here are intended exclusively for sports. Inappropriate clothing can also be blacklisted in local restaurants and supermarkets.

UAE traditions

5.With its own charter – just not here

In general, perhaps the first and main recommendation for a tourist who is not fed with bread – let me teach everyone the wisdom, will be to leave this inexhaustible desire at home, until better times.

Here, their centuries-old traditions are honored and treated with all seriousness. They expect the same, albeit in a somewhat lightened form, from their guests. So, be especially careful when visiting the mosque.

Appropriate clothing and a covered head are a must for women. Remember to take off your shoes before entering. You shouldn’t just go there to gawk – the reaction will be appropriate.

In Ramadan, the rules are especially strict: drinking, eating and smoking in public places is prohibited. We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the elementary rules of etiquette adopted by local residents: somehow shake hands when greeting and saying goodbye, get up when someone enters, and the like.

A polite and courteous traveler who does not try to impose his way of life and thinking on everyone will find understanding and hospitality everywhere. If all these difficulties are not for you – why not go somewhere else?

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