5 common travel myths

Down with myths and stereotypes! TRIPMYDREAM undertakes once again to dispel the most ridiculous and at the same time the most popular misconceptions of novice travelers. Remember them – to forget.

We never tire of debunking one of the most popular travel biases. Brave, inquisitive and by no means always super-prosperous wanderers from all over the world do not get tired of proving by their own example that it is possible to discover the world without crazy expenses. Thousands of pages of useful resources (including ours) do not get tired of telling their users how to save money on the most strategic things, and sometimes even stay with all their own.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the opposite misconception – about ease of budget travel – is not uncommon, and no more justified. Firstly, you still cannot do without investments, and secondly, this option will be one hundred percent more difficult and not everyone will like it.

Going on a journey with a minimum amount, sometimes you should be prepared for an irregular schedule and inability to sleep, unforeseen interruptions in travel and a host of other complications (and adventures). Even seasoned hitchhikers admit that they prefer to have some emergency supplies with them in order to cover the possible costs of a hotel and tickets home.


In school English lessons, in order to spur the craving for knowledge, we were often fed with stories that a couple of English phrases could be understood literally in any country in the world. That is so, but expanding the routes of your travels outside Europe, you begin to understand that not all residents of remote corners of our planet have heard the inspired tirades of your beloved teacher.

Travelers often rank as countries where it is difficult to find an interlocutor with a more or less suitable language level China… And among Italians, for example, it is much easier to find those who will support the conversation in French or German than in English. There are also those who simply do not really want to speak a foreign language – these include residents France


Oh no. Of course, you can always have time to jump on the step of the ladder, planning your vacation at the last moment. But rest assured – air carriers are well aware of this, and therefore will never miss the chance to warm up to those who did not have time to buy a ticket on time.

In fact, the earlier we take a ticket, the more we save on it. The longer we wait with the purchase, the more we risk paying exorbitant prices. This technique is used by almost all airlines in the vast majority of cases, especially when it comes to popular destinations.


For some reason, many travelers are still captive to this myth. A stack of bills in the currency of the destination country always warms the soul and gives confidence before a trip, but it is there that you can significantly save on exchange. When buying foreign currency from yourself, firstly, you usually do it at an inflated rate, and secondly, with the payment of an additional commission.

Better to be patient and buy local currency upon arrival at your destination. For your safety and the safety of funds, we advise you to use the exchanger on the recommendation of the guide (hotel staff) or even better – someone from your local acquaintances.


There are also naive people who sincerely believe that authentic hand-made souvenirs can be purchased only in numerous shops around popular attractions. In most cases, alas, this is not so – you are offered to buy consumer goods “made in China” at an unfairly inflated price.

The way out is simple – do not follow the ingratiating appeals of street vendors, but try to find some really worthwhile place with unique gizmos. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary acquisitions, following the lead of tourist stereotypes, maximum – a memorable fridge magnet. The place of the pop souvenir in the suitcase is better to be taken by some object with a history, reminiscent of the place where you have been.

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