2 weeks of free vacation in Italy for social media lovers!

Can’t live without social media? Nowadays, this is more of a virtue than a disadvantage – time to use it to your advantage!

Confcommercio Rimini have launched a new project specifically for active social media users who love to travel. one5 days of free rest in Rimini – or rather, not rest, but “work”, which is to enjoy your rest from morning and … until the morning! And talk about it on social networks.

Posting on Instagram, making stories and streams, writing party reports, sharing the best photos and impressions – it’s just a dream job!

To go on such a “work vacation” you need to register here, provide basic information about yourself and, most importantly, send your video presentation (up to 1 minute). Young people from 18 to 30 years old can take part in the competition.

Every 2 weeks in July and August, the organizers of the competition select 2 participants who are paid for accommodation and meals on the Riviera of Rimini.

We know for sure that among the readers of tripmydream users there are those who could win such a competition – do not miss the chance;)


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