10 worst tourist mistakes

The American resource Independent traveler – the faithful assistant of independent travelers – made a survey among its readers and found 20 fatal mistakes of tourists.

Milenko Đilas

We have selected the ten brightest of them. Perhaps, learning about the mistakes of experienced travelers, you will greatly save your travel time!

So, American solo travelers do not recommend:

1. Go to Poland no minimum amount of Polish zlotys. On Sunday you will not find a single working bank, and there can be trouble with ATMs.

2. Open wide the window in the hotel room in London… The tourist was convinced from personal experience that theft is very flourishing in Britain.

3. Hang the purse on the back of a chair in Paris… They steal there too!

4. Skip information provided in small print on the ticket: there may be important information about the transfer. It was the transit problems that travelers complained about the most.

5. Put all warm clothes in your luggage if you are flying to Finland (or any other frosty country). Be sure to take at least a jacket in your carry-on baggage, because sometimes you are “out of the way” with your luggage.

6. Negligence in choosing a hostel or hotel: if you do not carefully study the location of the future housing, it may happen that you have to shake for half an hour on a country road in a bus that runs only twice a day. Yes, it happens not only with us!

7. Get hooked on those who violently offer accommodation right at the airport or train station. And there are enough of them in any country.

8. Go somewhere to distant places without a map and – most importantly – transport schedules. So you can wait a whole hour even in civilized Europe.

9. Take “10 suitcases for two.” Knowledgeable people recommend that you check your suitcase again before traveling and lay out every third item – most likely it will not be useful to you.

10. Take the “wrong” person with you on the trip.

What incidents and epic failures happened during your trips? Share your stories – we will collect our own collection!

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