Traveling to Georgia in a pandemic: what you need to know?

Georgia is one of the most favorite destinations of Ukrainian travelers. After a year of closed borders, in March 2021 Georgia finally opened to the public for tourist purposes. However, a number of quarantine restrictions continue to operate in the country, and certain conditions must be met for entry. What are these conditions and what needs to be taken into account when planning a trip – we will tell you in the article.

What are the conditions for entering Georgia in 2021?

The main requirement for crossing the Georgian border in 2021 is the presence of a negative PCR test done no more than 72 hours before arrival. The certificate with the result must be in English.

Before arrival, you must fill out a form with all the basic data of the passenger: name, surname, passport number, citizenship, country of residence, country of departure, email and phone number.

And what about the repeated test?

The next important point, if you plan to stay longer than 3 days, then on the third day upon arrival you need to do a second PCR test at your own expense in one of the local laboratories. If you are on a short visit to Georgia and fly away on the third day, then you do not need to do a second test. But, if on the fourth, then it is necessary.

For a complete list of state-recommended laboratories where you can do the test, see here. It can also be done in private laboratories. For example, in the Synevo laboratory, familiar to Ukrainians, there is a network of these laboratories in Georgia, and you can sign up for a PCR test online. Testing will cost about $ 30 – 40 (830 – 1120 UAH).

You must have a certificate with the test results with you, in case of its absence you can get a fine of 2000 lari (~ 16250 UAH).

What if I have already been vaccinated?

Then the question with the tests is removed. Tourists who have already undergone full vaccination can safely go to Georgia without taking a PCR test and retesting. However, as proof, you will need to present a certificate of vaccination.

Do you need insurance?

It is not required without fail, but having insurance while traveling is the golden rule for any traveler. So an insurance policy for a 5-day trip will cost you only $ 4 (111 UAH). You can get insurance directly on tripmydream.

You can find out where you can fly now and what travel restrictions apply in our new section “Restrictions”. There you can also subscribe to notifications about changes in the regime of entry to the country of interest or in all directions.

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