How to spend your summer vacation in Finland. Which summer month is better to choose for a trip. Prices, what to see, ways to relax on a budget, where to go and what to do.

Finland in summer is one of the most interesting destinations for which you can spend your long-awaited vacation without regret. Here are just a few reasons from the reviews of experienced tourists:

  • Territorial proximity – no need to fly halfway across the world to get into the exotic;
  • The purest and most beautiful nature, which can be appreciated even from a photo;
  • High level of safety and tourist service;
  • A large list of proposals for active recreation;
  • Widespread focus on the interests of families with children;
  • You can really take a break from the hustle and bustle – there is a lot of pristine nature, but there are few people;
  • In summer, there are many fun festivals and national holidays, which in themselves can be a reason to leave for Finland.

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Summer here, although short, is quite mild and pampers tourists with warm days. In June, the temperature in the south of the country can reach +23 degrees. True, in the evenings it is still cool – 8-13 heat, cold snaps also happen, so you can’t do without warm clothes.

A good time for a summer vacation in Finland – in July, the warmest month of the year, with the least rainfall. The sun does not set in the Arctic Circle for the entire month, and in the south, nights are long twilight. So you can walk until the morning – and the weather permits. In Helsinki at noon the average air temperature is 20-22 degrees, but sometimes it reaches 27 degrees.

In August cooler, but there are still many sunny days to spend on the beach or travel to iconic places in Finland. In the south of the country it is from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius, in the central regions – from + 7 to + 15, and in the north there is already a maximum of 14 degrees. The weather is becoming more unstable, rains are increasing.

Summer weather in Finland is comfortable for a beach holiday

beach summer sand

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A seaside holiday in Finland is a good idea – after all, Finnish beaches are considered some of the best in the world! The reason is the well-developed infrastructure, the cleanliness of the beaches and reservoirs themselves and the mild climate that will not allow you to get burnt. Here you will truly enjoy the sun during your beach holiday.

True, it does not hurt to clarify in advance what the temperature of the air and water is in different months of summer. In June it is only warm: in Helsinki this time of the year the average is +19. In Rovaniemi and Turku, popular places for beach recreation, the average air temperature is 17-19 C, water + 7, + 10. In July, the air is already warming up to 19-22 heat, water – +12, +15. In August it gets colder again – up to 20 degrees Celsius during the day in the south, up to 15 and 14 degrees Celsius, respectively, in the center and in the north, and long precipitation begins.

For pampered water lovers “like fresh milk” the beaches of Finland are not suitable, but connoisseurs of unique in its purity water will be quite invigorated.

Prices for summer holidays in Finland

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How much does it cost to relax in Finland? Vacation rates will vary depending on whether you choose to purchase an all-inclusive tour with local hotel accommodation with plane tickets or choose the self-catering option by driving to Finland.

I would like to note that the option of traveling by car in Finland is not only quite realistic, but also quite popular. The main direction of recreation in this country is in nature, so renting a cottage or other separate housing will not be difficult, in every Finnish region there is an abundance of proposals. Routes by car are beneficial for families:

  • You can stop at any time of the trip, there is no need to wait many hours at airports or train stations with children;
  • Excursion tours can be purchased independently at special bureaus;
  • The travel route can be laid out on your own, focusing not on the proposals of the tour operator, but on your own interests.

Today you can find many offers for tours in August to Finland in the price range from 1.3-3.3 thousand rubles for a cruise on a motor ship for several days to 90.7 thousand rubles in two weeks with a visit to the Baltic countries. Many of the tours involve the starting point of St. Petersburg from Russia, but you can get to Helsinki and from Moscow by plane or train.

What to see in Finland in summer – fairy tales suggest

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The sights of Finland will be of interest to both adults and children. If we talk about what interesting things can be seen in the neighboring country in the near future, then in June by car – your own or rented, together with your children you can go around the old Finnish cities and picturesque villages, with ancient castles, untouched nature surrounding the settlements, or immerse yourself in the fun world of Finnish festivals – music, ethnographic, folk and others.

One of the main points on the list of “what to visit” should be the capital of Finland – Helsinki, the focus of ancient temples and cathedrals that have seen the Middle Ages. You can also go to the picturesque Nuuksio National Park near the capital – you can stay in the houses for several days, which will fly by for fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, and boating.

There are many summer camps for teenagers in Finland – linguistic, sports, science and other specialties. And younger children can be taken to the residence of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle and an excursion to the Moomin Park in Naantali with the Moomins familiar to every child since childhood.

Popular summer vacation in Finland – on the lakes

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Rest on the lakes in Finland is a separate popular destination, primarily because of fishing. There are over 150 thousand lakes in the country, full of various types of fish, most of which are surrounded by dense coniferous forests, so peace and quiet are guaranteed. The rave reviews of experienced tourists relate not only to the fishing process itself, but also to impressions of the surrounding nature.

If you love fishing – fate itself dictates to rent a house by a lake in Finland. In June, this is especially important, since it is too early to swim, and mosquitoes are not too annoying yet. Moreover, at the beginning of the month the prices for fishing tours, as well as rental of houses, are quite acceptable, but they will begin to grow as early as the 20th the official opening of the beach season.

Where to relax in Finland this summer

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If you want to get to know Finland from the inside, do not miss the most beautiful cities of this country – Moscow’s twin sister Helsinki, the city of the main Finnish Christmas tree Turku, the favorite shopping place of Russians Lappeenranta, the former part of the Russian Empire – the old city of Oulu, the city with the ancient fortress Savonlinna, the Tampere lake district, spa -the resort of Imatra and the birthplace of the Moomins with the park of the same name Naantali, the birthplace of Santa Claus Rovaniemi.

If you are going to travel with children to Finland this summer, I advise you to choose a season when you can swim – rather, it is the warmest month of July. However, if the vacation falls for another time, do not hesitate – with a child in Finland, focused on family values, you will not get bored. In every city there are attractions, amusement parks, water parks, and they are aimed at all ages. It is also important that neither children nor you will have to get used to the climate of Finland, which is close to us, so that rest in not too hot resorts of this country will not require acclimatization.

It will be quite inexpensive to stay in one of the many cottages – at your choice the most beautiful places in Finland, excursions to the natural attractions of which you can make yourself.