Belavia made its last flight from Ukraine

On May 25, Belavia Airlines operated its last flight from Ukraine. On May 26, a ban on direct flights between Ukraine and Belarus comes into force.

Yesterday Belavia made four flights from Kiev and Lvov to Minsk. The airline did not change the schedule or add additional flights. Also on May 25, Belavia had planned night flights from Minsk to Kiev and Odessa, but the airline canceled them, since the ban on air traffic comes into force at midnight on May 26.

What happened?

On May 23, the plane of the Ryanair low-cost airline, which was performing the internal Schengen flight from Athens to Vilnius, was forced to land in Minsk. While flying over Belarus, local dispatchers informed the crew that they had received a notification about the mine laying of the aircraft.

The pilots, accompanied by a fighter, deployed the airliner and boarded in Minsk.

After that, it turned out that the message about the bomb turned out to be false, and the real purpose of the plane’s landing was the arrest of one of the passengers – the founder and former editor of the famous opposition Telegram channel Nexta, which actively covered the protests in Belarus, Roman Protasevich.

The EU leaders reacted sharply to the situation, who on May 24 instructed the European Council to develop a mechanism by which Belarusian airlines will be banned from flights to Europe.

Now Belarusian airlines cannot fly to Great Britain, France and Lithuania.

Ukraine’s reaction

Ukraine, in turn, joined Europe, which imposed sanctions after the situation with the Ryanair flight. By order of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, from 00:00 on May 26, the country completely stopped air traffic with Belarus.

Also, Ukrainian airlines were banned from using the airspace of Belarus for transit flights to third countries.

At the same time, the sanctions do not provide for a ban on the transit of Belavia and other Belarusian airlines through the skies of Ukraine to third countries.

According to avianews.

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