8 life hacks for economical online shopping

In the global world, in which you and I are lucky to live, we can touch any corner of the world, at least online. And even more – to order from there the delivery of everything that the soul desires. Do you want fragrant durians from Indonesia or a signature raincoat from Italy? Easily! But there are enough of their own tricks, so today, together with New mail Global, we will describe the most important of them. Follow our advice and you will surely notice the savings in every online purchase.

1. Compare prices on special resources

Do not rush to order goods using the first link. Be sure to see what other retailers are offering on it. You can do this manually, just by walking through different sites, but there is also a more reliable way. Dedicated price comparison resources are our salvation. You can open the basic Google Shopping tool and simply enter the name of what you want to buy into the search box.

Then you will be offered dozens of options with a convenient filter, so choosing the most advantageous offer will be easier than ever. There are many such resources today – both Ukrainian and foreign. They will help you save thousands of hryvnias while shopping online.

2. Use price traker

Comparison of prices gives a quick result, but for those who are willing to wait, there is a chance for even greater benefit on price tracking services. This can be a website or an application where you indicate the desired product and wait for price reduction alerts. There is no need to manually update the website of the online store every day – the price tracker will do it for you. Some of them work only with specific stores, others cover hundreds of sites at once. Choose your option and prepare a shopping list.

If you’re looking for new online retailers with frequent sales and promotions, check out 6pm US retailers, Carters, Sephora and Chinese retail giant Taobao. On the website of the Polish Zara, you will find much more pleasant prices than in the Ukrainian one, and also take a closer look at Allegro – the Polish retail platform, which has everything and even a little more. If you like the brands George and Marks and Spencer, then it is more profitable to order them in the British version of the brand sites.

3. Add a product to your shopping cart, but don’t buy it

A small but cool trick. It turned out that online retailers really don’t like it when we stop a step before paying. Many of them are willing to provide a discount on what has been dropped in the cart. “Just go back and buy,” they ask. But for the plan to work, the seller must keep data about your online movements (just don’t clean the cookies) and your email (register on the site). The downside is that sometimes you need to wait a few days for a discount, and it’s not a fact that it will eventually come. But it’s definitely worth a try.

4. Check the delivery terms in advance

Agree, it’s a shame to go through all the steps to a bargain price and, before paying, find out that the delivery does not suit you. It is better to look in advance for options with delivery at the expense of the seller. For many retailers this is the norm, others offer this option on holidays, for registration or for a purchase of a specific amount. And if you order goods from afar, use New Mail Global, which will open up for you a world of profitable and convenient purchases in online stores around the world. The parcel will arrive at the nearest New Post office, post office or directly to the address. At the same time, the site has a simple calculator for calculating the cost of delivery from different countries, so that you know the amount in advance.


5. Carefully study the website and social networks of the store

Profitable offers are scattered across all information platforms of an online store or the brand as a whole. For example, banners on the site often give a promotional code for a discount, especially for the first order. And in social networks they announce promotions and discounts, give promotional codes and coupons to the most loyal customers. It is worth looking into messengers as well – some brands are very fond of Telegram or Viber. Of course, this tip is especially relevant during off-season sales or holiday sales, but not only. It is also useful to know the birthdays of your favorite stores – birthday people are very generous.

6. Use the app

Online stores want to cover as many sites as possible, so they create their own applications. And in order to attract users there, they come up with special promotions only for those who downloaded their program. While commerce in smartphonesis gaining momentum, you need to feel free to use it. Often such offers are designed specifically for the first order, but use the gadgets of all family members and voila – there will be much more “first orders”.

7. Participate in loyalty programs

Loyalty programs in the form of bonus cards came online from offline and do not give up their positions. Everything has become even easier to look – now you don’t need to carry a weighty business card holder with you, but just subscribe to the newsletter. Quite often, the very first letter from the store will delight you with a good discount in gratitude for your loyalty.

It is also a great way to be the first to know about a sales period. For example, brands with a price tag above average arrange sales quite rarely and call them not too loudly. You need to enter the circle of “your” people and closely follow the letters of happiness in the mail and in instant messengers. In addition, stores pamper members of their loyalty programs with birthday gifts. Very nice and never superfluous.

8. Use cashback services and cashback from banks

Cashback is a fixed amount or percentage of a purchase that will be returned to your card. Today there are many cashback services for foreign and Ukrainian online stores. Register and save on future purchases. Such services work with retailers on partnership terms. The buyer does not lose anything and can combine this saving method with all those described above.

There is also cashback directly from banks – to certain stores, products or categories. Moreover, today there are special co-branded banking

As you can see, on this site you can find almost everything a traveler needs, and even at prices that are several times lower than Ukrainian ones. We are for high-quality and profitable purchases, and will deliver goods from China quickly New mail Global directly to the nearest branch or post office of New mail.