7 online shopping myths that keep us from saving

Unbelievable, but true – in 2021 there are still people who believe that online shopping is expensive, time-consuming, difficult, and you will have to overpay for delivery. It’s time to debunk these myths! Together with Nova Poshta Global, we will tell you how everything actually works and why online shopping in foreign stores is profitable and convenient.

Myth 1. It’s expensive

The truth is that in most cases the situation is different – online shopping helps to save money and choose the best product. Let’s think logically: online stores do not need to pay rent for the premises of the store and its arrangement, and the staff to maintain the site requires less than for offline points. Hence, there are no hidden markups that are inherent in offline trading.

In addition, online retailers regularly hold sales timed to the season or holidays, so the desired product can be purchased at a really good price. In the United States, for example, sales are all year round: in January – New Year’s, in February – in honor of the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, in March – they sell ski goods, and in April – Easter promotions start. There are discounts for every month, so you can not even doubt the benefits. And NP Shopping is your chance not to miss global sales and welcome new items!

As for China, here, even without discounts, everything is several times cheaper than here, because this is the birthplace of most things from our everyday life. By the way, we recently talked about the most profitable purchases for a traveler on Aliexpress. Take note!

Myth 2. The real product will not match the photos

Of course, goods from online stores cannot be touched, but often they can be viewed in all their details. In most of the large overseas online stores, products are photographed from different angles and high quality, so every stitch, seam and detail can be viewed using the zoom function. In addition to this, all the nuances of the product are usually indicated in the product description – size, material, country of production. We also advise you to study the reviews in detail, in which you can often see real photos of the product from buyers.

Myth 3. It is difficult to guess with the size

When it comes to buying clothes online, size choice is a stop factor for many shoppers. But even this objection has a right: you can check your parameters with the indicated sizes using a dimensional grid, and a photo of clothes on a model allows you to estimate how the thing will look at your height.

It should be borne in mind that the appropriate size of clothing is not always determined by just centimeters. Each type of figure has its own characteristics, therefore the pattern also matters. To better meet the needs of customers, many brands are launching additional clothing lines that are slightly different from the basic collection. Most of the big brands like Marks & Spencer, Zara, Mango, GAP, All Saints and many others have such lines. They are marked as follows:

  • Petit – clothes for petite girls up to 165 cm tall and sizes XS-S;
  • Curves / Plus Size – clothes for girls with chic shapes and sizes from XL;
  • Tall – clothes for tall girls with a height of 180 cm;

Pay attention to these nuances and the likelihood that you will go wrong with the size will be extremely small.

Myth 4. Delivery will take a million years.

Online stores are interested in quickly delivering goods to you and leaving a good impression of their service. But, of course, when it comes to international delivery, you should not expect that the package will be there in 3-4 days.

The time frame depends on the type of delivery and the courier service you choose. We recommend using Nova Poshta Global – as this is a guarantee that your parcel will not be lost on the way to Ukraine, will be delivered in a short time and straight to the nearest branch of Nova Poshta, a parcel machine or to the address.

How long does delivery take?

  • First, the order is delivered from the online store to the warehouse of NP Global partners – usually this stage takes 1-7 days.
  • Next, the parcel is sent to Ukraine – this needs to be pledged for at least 8 days.

The speed is also influenced by the process of passing through customs. If you have bought a lot of good things, then the procedure may be somewhat delayed. But, if this amount is up to € 100, then there should be no delays.

Myth 5. You will have to pay import tax

In fact, if the amount of your order does not exceed € 100, you have nothing to worry about at all. But, if the purchase amount is higher, you must pay VAT in the amount of 20% of the difference between the actual price and the specified limit. If the cost of the parcel exceeds € 150, in addition to VAT (which is charged from € 100), the import duty is also paid – 10% of the same difference

For example, you bought ski boots for € 200. In this case, the formula for calculating payments will be as follows:

  • Duty = (200 euros – 150 euros) x 10% = 5 euros
  • VAT = (200 euros – 100 euros + 5 euros (duty)) x 20% = 21 euros
  • Customs payments will be: duty 5 euros + VAT 21 euros = EUR 26

However, the carrier deals with all these issues, so you do not have to take any additional actions, but simply provide documents for customs clearance and pay customs duties upon receipt. In offline trade, this tax also does not disappear anywhere, it is just that it is already included in the price.

Myth 6. Shipping costs will be exorbitant

Using an online calculator, you can accurately calculate the cost of delivery to Ukraine. To do this, you must specify the country from which the order will go, the exact weight of the product, including packaging (it is usually indicated by the seller in the product description) and the purchase amount including taxes.

For example, using the NP Shopping service you order an adapter for sockets and a suitcase cover from the USA. The weight of the purchase will obviously be within 1 kg, the purchase amount is $ 10, the shipping cost will be $ 7.8.

If the purchase amount is more than € 100, the tool will also show you the estimated amount of customs payments. In general, the shipping rates are as follows:


  • up to 0.5 kg inclusive – $ 3.9
  • 0.501 kg (will be rounded to 1 kg) = $ 7.8
  • every additional 0.5 kilograms + $ 3.9

Poland and Germany

  • up to 0.5 kg inclusive = € 2.9
  • from 0.501 kg (to be rounded up to 1 kg) – € 5.8
  • every additional 0.5 kilograms + € 2.9

Great Britain

  • up to 0.5 kg inclusive – £ 2.9
  • from 0.501 kg (to be rounded to 1 kg) – £ 5.8
  • every additional 0.5 kilograms + £ 2.9


  • up to 0.5 kg inclusive – $ 6.
  • from 0.501 kg (will be rounded up to 1 kg) – $ 12
  • every additional 0.5 kilograms + $ 6

Myth 7. Buy offline faster

Yes, if you know exactly what you want and you need it in the near future. In all other cases, online shopping has much more advantages: you can choose a product from a huge assortment, compare prices and choose the best deal.

Thanks to the NP Shopping service from New mail Global, a huge assortment of goods for any budget opens up before you, so online shopping becomes not only pleasant, but also very profitable.